Art School for International Students in Fort Lee, NJ

At our art school for international students in Fort Lee, NJ, we take a strategic approach to art. We have children of all ages who study the fundamentals of the art process, perspective, and proportion. Students train their eye to observe and render as they create beautiful works that showcase what they’ve learned. Our teachers inspire and encourage their students to express themselves and to engage their creativity, develop a unique style, and use their acquired skills.

We work with small groups and flexible schedules so we can execute individualized learning. Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in fine art, with BA's and MFA's in the fields. In addition to being educators, they are also artists themselves, with careers in the field of fine and applied arts. Since we’re an art school for international students, we speak several languages to ensure everyone can understand the world of art. Many of our students are from immigrant families of all backgrounds, making our student body a diverse mix of children and teens aged 4-17.


Our Classes and Environment

We welcome students of all ages and artistic levels for classes and art school portfolio prep in Fort Lee, NJ & accept students from the surrounding areas as well. Our qualified instructors ensure they build and grow their capabilities. We strive to provide a creative, welcoming, and inspiring environment that champions continuous learning and free self-expression. We focus on providing a personable, individual approach to each student’s needs to help them realize their full potential and achieve their goals. Whether students want to make art as a career or as a hobby, we work to bring out their best.

Our classes and art school portfolio prep covers several subjects. From drawing to sculpture, we offer a comprehensive curriculum Monday-Saturday, with weekday classes being held after school. Each class includes all needed art material.


Professional Art School Portfolio Prep

The competition for art schools at the collegiate level and even at the high school level is fierce, and all have strict portfolio requirements. A task as important and life changing as this can easily seem overwhelming for the applicants, even those with high levels of skill and experience. With us around, students don’t have to navigate this challenge alone. We offer special opportunities for students to receive expert instruction on how to choose their best work and make it stand out in the application piles.

One of our greatest honors as an art school for international students is to aid them in pursuing academic and artistic careers at prestigious institutions. Our instructors can start preparing students as early as 6th or 7th grade and help them sharpen their skills until they leave. We’ve helped students prepare for and get accepted into programs such as:

·         Bergen County Academies

·         Rhode Island School of Design

·         School of Visual Arts

·         Cornell University

·         Fashion Institute of Technology

·         Bergen County Technical High School

·         Pratt Institute


The Benefits of Artistic Education

Too many people see the arts as merely a luxury, not realizing the immense benefits it can offer children in other areas of life. Studies have revealed that children who have taken regular art classes do much better academically, even in math and science. Some of the abilities that art strengthens include:

·         Motor Skills

·         Visual Learning

·         Language Development

·         Decision Making

·         Cultural Awareness

·         Inventiveness

Contact us to learn more about us. Our classes are open to children and teens in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.

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Please Note

Children may be sent up to the school without a parent at the start of the class, no earlier! For pick up, parents must come upstairs to claim their child or make arrangements with us in advance. We will not release any child outside on their own. I understand there are no medical facilities at Euro Art Studio and that Euro Art Studio will not be held responsible for any medical care. In the event of ALL emergencies, the staff is trained to call 911, than call the parent or emergency contact.